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Meshman 3D Viewer PRO

Meshman 3D Viewer PRO is a great app to view and convert an extensive list of supported 3D model files along a powerful set of features.


  • Open files from formats:
    • STL (Stereolithography, supports ASCII and Binary)
    • OBJ (Wavefront, MTL fully supported)
    • DAE (COLLADA file format)
    • 3DS (3D Studio format)
    • ASE (3D Studio format)
    • C4D (Cinema 4D format)
    • DXF (AutoCAD format, supports ASCII and Binary, POLYMESH and 3DFACE)
    • DWG (AutoCAD format)
    • FBX (Autodesk Filmbox format)
    • BLEND (Blender 3D format)
    • MS3D (Milkshape 3D format)
    • LWO (LightWave format)
    • LWS (LightWave Scene format)
    • PLY (Polygon file format, supports ASCII and Binary)
    • OFF (Object file format)
    • AC (AC3D format)
    • GLTF (GL Transmission Format)
    • GLB (GL Transmission Format, Binary)
    • LXO (Luxology Modo)
    • IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)
    • XGL (GL XML Format)
    • ZGL (GL XML Format)
    • 3MF (3D Printing)
    • AMF (Additive Manufacturing Format)
    • COB (Caligari Object)
    • X (DirectX 3D File)
    • BVH (Biovision)
    • CSM (Character Studio Motion)
    • 3D (Unreal)
    • TER (Terragen Terrain)
    • HMP (3D GameStudio Terrain)
    • MDL (Quake I & 3D GameStudio)
    • MD2 (Quake II)
    • B3D (BlitzBasic 3D)
    • Q3D (Quick3D)
    • Q3O (Quick3D)
    • NFF (Neutral File Format)
    • SMD (Valve Model)
  • Export to STL, DXF, OBJ, 3DS, DAE, PLY, OFF, PDF.
  • Load from a ZIP or RAR file one or multiple model files.
  • Batch export files from one format to another.
  • Supports most image file formats for textures.
  • Can load large models, as big as 2 GB.
  • Measure distance between points within your model.
  • Hide surfaces selecting them by point & click.
  • Render using a clipping plane (useful for viewing interiors).
  • Graphic operations for Rotating, panning, zooming.
  • View your model in Orthogonal or Perspective mode.
  • Obtain info on the whole model or by parts: triangle count, bounding box, area, volume.
  • Set up rendering options: faces, edges, points, antialias.
  • Open multiple files, view in fullscreen, print them.
  • Retina Macs fully supported.

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