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IGES & STEP Viewer

Quickly view IGES or STEP model files and export them to popular CAD file formats.


  • Open IGES and STEP files.
  • Export to STL, DXF, OBJ, 3DS, DAE, PLY, OFF.
  • Load from a ZIP or RAR file one or multiple model files.
  • Export multiple files in Batch mode.
  • Option to load and render model Curves.
  • Render using a clipping plane (useful for viewing interiors).
  • Measure distance between points within your model.
  • Hide surfaces selecting them by point & click.
  • Obtain info on the model: triangle count, bounding box, area, volume.
  • Control rendering options and model triangulation params.
  • Graphic operations for Rotating, panning, zooming.
  • View your model in Orthogonal or Perspective mode.
  • Open multiple files, view in fullscreen, print them.
  • Retina Macs fully supported.

Mac Screenshots

Windows Screenshots

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